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IC Thinking Departmental Research Group


Selected publications

Andrews Fearon, P. & Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). Complexity under stress: Integrative approaches to overdetermined vulnerabilities. Journal of Strategic Security, 9(4), 11-31.

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Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2015). Final report on I SEE! Life Skills for a Changing Scotland project effectiveness empirical evaluation. Submitted to the Scottish Government, 2015, Copyright Scottish Government and ICthinking®.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). I SEE! Scotland/ IC Thinking End of Year Report 2015-2016 with empirical assessment. Tackling Sectarianism Programme. Submitted to Community Safety Unit, Scottish Government, April, 2016.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). IC Thinking: Critical thinking and media literacy. Keynote address delivered April, 2016, The Hague. Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, The Netherlands. Published proceedings. 

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). Increasing cognitive complexity and collaboration across communities: Being Muslim Being Scottish. Journal of Strategic Security, 9(4), 79 -110.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). Living well in difference and conflict resolution (Moving from polarisation to collaboration). Plenary address delivered September 2016, EU e-Twinning annual gathering, Florence, Italy. Published proceedings. 

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). Experiencing conflict and its social solutions via IC Thinking. Keynote address delivered December, 2016, UK Educational Psychologists Annual GatheringManchester. Published proceedings.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2016). Report on IC Thinking in Sweden 2nd– 6thApril, 2016. University of Uppsala, Fryshuset, Together for Sweden, Exit, and Ibn Rushd. Submitted 10thApril, 2016.  

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2017). IC Thinkers are prepared for Digital Citizenship. Keynote address delivered March, 2017. Denmark Learning Festival, Copenhagen. Published proceedings. 

Boyd-MacMillan, E. (2017). The vicious cycle of extremisms and polarisations (keynote). Published proceedings: Local Institutions against violent extremism II (LIASE 2): The rise of polarisation and radicalisation in Europe: Tackling all forms of violent extremism at the local level. European Forum for Urban Security 19th May 2017, Rimini, Italy.

Boyd-MacMillan, E (in press). Brief case study on creating an IC environment to support rather than erode IC learning: Scottish Prison Service. Global Council for Coordinated Security Compendium. New York.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. and Andrews Fearon, P. (2018). Conflict Transformation Pilot at Amport House, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom: Empirical Assessment Results, first submitted April, 2017, revised February, 2018.

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Boyd-MacMillan, E. & Savage, S (2013). Report on I SEE! Life skills for a changing Scotland course effectiveness empirical evaluation. Submitted to the Community Safety Unit, Scottish Government, 31 March, 2013. Copyright ICthinking®, administered through Cambridge University Technical Services, Ltd., Cambridge Enterprise, Ltd.

Boyd-MacMillan, E. & Savage, S. (2014). Effectiveness (empirical) evaluation report on I SEE! Scotland in Graeme High School, Falkirk. Submitted to Scottish Government, May, 2014.

Boyd-MacMillan, E., Savage, S., & Liht, J. (2013). Conflict Transformation, ICThinking® course report with empirical findings. Submitted to Lifesprings Women International, Zurich.

Boyd-MacMillan, E., Savage, S., & Pellew, S. (2015). Report with empirical assessment on the effectiveness of the Being Muslim Being Scottish (BMBS) Pilot in Aberdeen. Submitted to Scottish Government, June, 2015.    

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